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The bear had been hit by another car and flew through their windshield. Arms and legs are normal and expected but the charm also functions for internal organs too. In earlier versions, before the physics system was properly implemented, this was an absurdly effective means of dealing damage, as is evident from the famous tale of the player who knocked the head off of a bronze colossus by hurling a fluffy wambler at it.

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In Decap Attack , one of Chuck's power-ups is a skull that he can throw at enemies.

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The protagonists of River City Ransom can pick up and throw prone enemies, and, yes, even batter people with them. Throw them at other mooks! You find your own severed, petrified arm at one point that can be used as a club, as well as other weapons made from the bones of various nasty critters, most of which have serious magical effects.

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Occasionally, skeletal enemies will leave behind one of their arms, which you can use as a one-handed weapon. Meanwhile, their boss monster, Borreload Dragon , is a dragon designed like a revolver. People don't make especially good projectiles or melee weapons, but it does do damage to both parties and, since the rules for improvised weapons only allow increased damage from improvised weapons if their toughness is greater than your strength, using a super-tough opponent as a club is one of the few ways to break caps. Really, Exalted is a game of such over the top action that many players had been wondering quite seriously 'how much damage does a body do' for some years before Infernal Monster Style came along and finally gave a clear baseline.
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